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    Hello! So this morning I went out to let the ladies out and feed them like usual and I noticed 2 droppings under the roost that look a bit bloody/red. Is it coccidiosis or is there any other illness or anything that can cause reddish bloody poo? I have a picture if that helps, just didn't want to put it on here if I didn't have too cause I know some people aren't fond of blood and such.

    If it is coccidiosis, how fast does it spread? And do I have time to separate the hens that I suspect just to make sure? Or should I go ahead and medicate the entire flock? I'd rather not medicate all of them, because the medicine I have says any eggs lain by them while under medication cannot be eaten.

    Also i went ahead and cleaned of the droppings board and under the water bottles just to make sure the coop is as clean as possible, cause i read that coccidiosis likes wet dirty environments.

    Thank you in advance!
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    It could be coccidiosis but unlikely. It is everywhere and if they haven't been moved to a new environment and exposed to a new strain, they should be resistant if they're mature.

    Campylobacteriosis, infectious bursal disease and Newcastle (unlikely) also cause bloody stool.

    What kind of medication? The only thing that works for coccidiosis are anti-coccidial drugs that are thiamine blockers. I don't know if you have an egg withdrawal with them.
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    As mentioned before, it is mainly dependent on their age and how strong their immune systems are, which develop more powerfully as they age.
    I, however, had 3 full grown hens die from Cocci this summer, so they are not 100% resistant to this parasitic infection. Chickens, throughout their life, will all have suspicious/bloody looking droppings at some point. It is simply their intestine linings clearing out in their droppings - almost like a sort of shedding. Chicks get this as well, it is perfectly normal.
    You will know if your chickens have Cocci because they will have severe symptoms of the illness, not just bloody droppings.
    Here helpful link on what the droppings look like/don't look like, their symptoms, treatment, etc. And P.S, this parasite spreads like wildfire if not treated.
    Hope this helps! Good luck with your flock! [​IMG]
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    i dont think it is coccidia, no bloody stools, she eats and moves arounf, i will wah her butt and see if i can remove it...gloves please [​IMG]

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