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    Nov 30, 2008
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    I have 5 Australorp hens (about 10 months old) and was given a beautiful Australorp rooster two weeks ago. The rooster is just over a year old, I think. It took a week for everyone to get used to one another, but now they are one happy flock. I just bought a new incubator and have lots of questions since I am a complete novice to hatching. The first two are as follows:
    1. At what point (if ever) can I assume that all the hens are laying fertile eggs (I know he is mating with some of them)?
    2. I can usually count on 4 eggs a day, sometimes 5. My incubator will hold 41. So how should I store my eggs until I have enough to fill the incubator (will take about 10 days to collect)?
    Other questions can wait until after I have the eggs!
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    Quote:I would give your rooster 3 weeks to make sure he is mating everyone, crack a few eggs to look for the blastoderm (white bullseye in the egg yolk) when you have decided that yes he is fertilizing the eggs your good to go.

    7 to 10 day window is good for storing eggs to incubate, I just leave mine in cartons in a cool place in the house, tilt the carton from side to side 3 times or so a day to keep the blastoderm from sitting in the same spot in the yolk, til I ready to stick them in a bator.
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    I highly recommended you get a auto turner if you didn't.
    You can plug it in on the counter or out of the way place and let it turn your eggs till all are collected .
    Then set the turner and all your eggs at one time into the incubator.
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    Nov 30, 2008
    Salt Spring Island
    Thanks for the advice. Just what I needed to know.
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    Okie hen-

    Great idea on the turner. I had never heard anyone use theirs for that. Would definately work great!
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    Let us know what you have hatch!!! [​IMG]

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