Come Ramble With Me!

Will you ramble with me?

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Free Ranging
Nov 13, 2020
chief muffin human
You breeding for show stock?


I think your misremembering the rule. The rule is: "All words at the beginning of a sentence must be capitalized with the exception of human."


I'm paranoid about that happening from all the times I have copied and paste "Weclemo to BYC! So gald you decdide to join us! :celebrate" So now I reread everytime to make sure everything is spelled right.

Oh my.... :eek:
quite a bit of cahthcin up lol


'That I Should Live To See This Day... 🐣🐥🐤!'
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Nov 3, 2020
The Emerald Isle
My Coop
My Coop
Ouch! You okay?
Sorry didn't see this.. its practically healed by now.

Yeah I thought I only had Guinea Hens but not so, now we have a Guinea-Roo.
Every night I have to put them in bed because of predators so I go out and take them off the roof.
Then they hate me for doing that and run around screaming... :idunno :rolleyes:

The Happster

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Apr 5, 2020
Cloud Nine.
no, corbs is probably slacking on his posting
How did I not know that you have so many chickens?? :eek:
What breeds do you have? And who is your 4th boy? I only know Icky, Lord Emsworth, and Pumpkin.
Wyandotte, Sussex, Cochin, a couple of mixed breeds, and Orpingtons. The other rooster is called Angel. I didn't name him.

I wouldn't post codes like this publicly -- I don't know exactly how this whole online gaming thing works, but if somebody can access a session by having a code, then you want to be very careful about giving out that code. Goodness knows who could come in.
Among Us does have chat censoring and you can kick people out. But it is probably better not to publicly post the code, thanks for thinking of that.

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