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    I have 6 hens. 2 Sex Links, 3 Easter Eggers and a Gold Laced Wyandotte I got them all when they were 7 weeks old. My Sex Links and 2 of my Easter Eggers are laying eggs. They have been for weeks now but my Gold Laced Wyandotte and one of my Eater Egggers are not. Why are they taking so long to lay? They all assume the position when they are approached. They all will be 25 weeks old tomorrow. Please somebody help me understand.
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    Each hen delevopes differently the others might just be alittle slow on their development. But if they are squatibg shouldnt be long now. We have three leghorns and one out pf two delewares laying. One leghorn layed for almost a month before anyone else started so each hen is different and will start laying when her body is ready just be patient it happen. Lol i not very patient i get all excited when each start laying.
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    Absolutely! Hens aren't little egg machines that turn on at a certain time. In fact, each hen has her own internal schedule. Some will be morning egg layers, while others love to wait until the sun is almost down before laying. Each also will choose varying intervals during egg laying season to take a bit of time off, some taking a few days off without laying and others taking extended "vacations".

    All of this is normal. I have two pullets around five months old that I'm waiting on for first eggs. Yesterday, one was in the coop bellowing out the egg song. The little tease. Still no egg.
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    I agree, chickens aren't machines. They all develop at a different speed. It is normal for this to happen.
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