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    ADORABLE chicks!!! I love their names! Well, I've just been learning so I can tell you what I know about 5 toes, and what they are and aren't supposed to look like. I do know that it is called "Polydactyly" and that it is an 'autosomal incomplete dominate'-- and what that means to you is that only ONE parent needs to have this gene for it to be passed on and expressed in offspring. So nearly every chick hatched from a pairing with a bird that has Polydactyly will also have 5 toes.

    Then you can get specific about what they are supposed to look like. All 5 toes are supposed to have a toenail on each toe. I have found out, it's common for a bird to have TWO toenails on the extra toes! Crazy, hu? If that's the case, it can (and probably will) pass that gene on for the extra toenails (which is bad), so they shouldn't be used for breeding. Also, the extra toes should be completely separate and not fused at the base of the leg. If they have skin that ties them together, they are considered fused. This is also easily passed on and should not be used. I've learned toes are HARD!!! It's not easy to get something that is perfect, but it's just a matter of selection on your end. OH and the 5th toe gene and the gene for feather legs is not connected. BTW, when you get feathered legs, a cool thing I recently learned is that the scales on the legs are replaced (!!) by feathers instead and there are no scales! How cool is that?? It's just like regular skin on the leg instead with feathers coming out.

    For example-- (we recently critiqued our feet over on the silkie group) --here is my cockerel's feet and you can see there is good separation (looking at the extra two toes on top) on the left side and just so/so separation on the right side. It's not too bad, but could be better. They at least are not fused.

    This is my hen-- and she has really good separation --- there is NOTHING fusing her toes together and even has the baggy skinned gap that you find on your own thumb

    This is the first chick that my broody hatched out (now almost 2 weeks old!) --- excellent separation on the left side.... and fused toes on the right. ALSO-- note another foot problem with this chick-- do you see the main 3 toes? The outer toes are missing the last "knuckle" on the end! That is linked to the feather leg gene (Ptilopody). It's apparently really common in silkies and in marans. The missing toes can be caused by incubation. In fact, there is a genetic guru and I forget what book he wrote, but he says that this mutation can be caused by a drop in temperatures around Day 14 incubation making the toe begin to vanish! But more often that not-- it's just a genetic mutation and should not be included in breeding programs unless you know for sure that they won't pass it on. Fun stuff, hu?!?!? [​IMG]

    Bet you wish you didn't ask me about 5 toes..... [​IMG]
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    Dec 12, 2011
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    I just came in the house after working my butt off with the birds, in the garden and helping with the breeder pens. I'm sunburned, hot, sweaty, thirsty and my feet and head really hurt. Did I run for the ibuprofen or shower? No. I had to check and see if Hawkeye's pip had zipped and then I ended up laughing at the thought of Ivy's DH in unders throwing firecrackers. I vote that it was the combination of the two!!!!! Oh my gosh, that's funny -- RUN, goats, RUN!!!

    Next up rvroman who had an accidental chick order -- that could happen to me! I could totally order chicks and forget I ordered them. I was explaining the mysterious arrival of eggs in the mail to my husband, again, and he started to make a speech about is there going to be any square inch of the property left not covered in chicken poop. I told him, "Honey, I already had this speech and we came to an understanding of some sort and you weren't mad, but I can't remember what the understanding was". He burst out laughing and said "Well, THAT's a new one"! I don't know who's crazier, the one who can't remember the speech or the one who possibly dreamt the speech! I clearly remember having the speech, I'm telling you!

    Danz, I was just about to ask you if you still had ducks because I'm worried what if these are all boys? How can I tell? I see tail feathers curling up and thought that was a guy thing. I really want some duck egg layers, too, although I wouldn't trade these little guys for anything! I thought I was working hard today but you've got me beat for sure.

    Today whilst I was busting my chops in the sun the sub mail lady stopped by to deliver a package (I swear it wasn't more hatching eggs) and she actually asked to see the chickens. I thought that was cool. She used to have a few for her kids and really misses them. I called the chickens to me and they came running as fast as they could. They look hilarious. Somehow, to me it looks like they lift their skirts to run and then they really put everything they've got into it. So funny! She laughed and said "Wow, that's quite a greeting"! I know, I absolutely love those silly birds. I showed her the ducks who were happily swimming down at the pond, too. I let them play down there when I'm outside. They appear to be in ducky heaven. [​IMG]

    Trish44, I know what you mean about having to tear yourself away. I have bunnies, ducks and chicks and they are all so entertaining. Put them all together and it's a real show!

    Hawkeye, I'll check back later on that chick! Still praying for the little dickens to make it out of there! Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%.

    Okay, I'm going to take that shower now and then I'm going back out there. I have a ton of planting to do, etc., etc... Thanks guys for the enjoyable break!
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    If you can keep the two groups separated my some chick mesh then yes to keeping them in the same coop. Otherwise, keep your babies inside for now. Otherwise, you will witness the pecking order saying.
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    WOW, you were BUSY today! I wish I felt better, I can't believe I am sick again! What's up with sore throat and body aches?? That should be saved for winter when you can't really do anything outside anyway. [​IMG] So neat about your mail carrier wanting to see the birds. No progress on my chick, although it has it's beak pushed out of the shell. It will rest with it's beak inside the shell and then push it out and cheep a bit. Sigh. I don't know why it's taking so long. [​IMG]
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    May 4, 2010
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    Hawkeye- How long has it been since the initial pip? I give em 24 hours and if they haven't done it on their own but they are hollering like crazy I open the bator with the shower running and help them out. If you wait too long they exhaust their oxygen and themselves and die and if you do it too soon they haven't absorbed their yoke fully. I know a lot of people say not to because they aren't "healthy or strong enough" to do it on their own but I also think that our "machines" we use to hatch are not nearly as good as a real mom hen and I am willing to be that a lot of minor incubation errors culminate in problems at hatch time. Like a chick too big to hatch successfully or one upside down due to shipping and detached air cells like my cochin last week! If the broody gets 100% hatch with the same eggs then I assume I made some incubation errors that aren't the fault of the screaming chick stuck in the egg. I don't do it often but with shipped eggs in a bator I am always prepared if they need assistance.

    Roman-Cute chicks and great names!!! Don't know about the purple??? Maybe another chick had a wound that was getting picked at and they sprayed with blu kote and yours got into it? Can't be a pure cochin with those silkie toes!! Can't remember if I read what Hawkeyes guess was but it is a funny color for a silkie, mottled like that. I have a bunch of cochin silkie mix chicks running around that look like that. Shouldn't have let all those broodies sit on random eggs..


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    I like your explanation Josie - its about the way I feel about it myself. I've only assisted one time but I really believe I wouldn't have my BCM hen today if I hadn't. She had pipped and partially zipped but wasn't making any progress. Quite a few hours went by with no progress, so finally I took her into the humid bathroom and carefully continued on the zip line she had already started, keeping the membrane moist with a Q-tip dipped in warm water, as I went. She continued to try to help but didn't seem able to turn very well, which I think was the problem all along. Finally when I had her zipped to the point the hatchback could be tipped back, I put her back in the incubator to let her come out of the shell by herself. She is now my largest and possibly most gorgeous hen and at least once a week I look at her and marvel at her very existence.

    Today after laying her egg she came up on the deck and sang the egg song through the glass to me. What a doll she is.
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    Josie-- adorable geese!! And thank you for the tips on shipped eggs! These are my own, BUT I will have shipped eggs hatching on the 20th-21st! You'll be my go-to info person! :)


    My chick is zipping RIGHT now!!! It's only made it just about an inch over from it's pip... but it's working on it!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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    He's out! I think it's another vaulted Splash.
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    Congrats on the chick, Hawkeye! So glad your other baby will have some company!

    I just had two hatch in the turning trays. I thought I had taken out all the eggs that were suppoed to come out 2 days ago, but I guess I missed a row.[​IMG] Anyway, they are both doing well.

    Yippie! One of the companies my DH contacted called and said they could come out later today to add the freon we need in our air conditioner. That will be SO WELCOME this weekend when I have company and it is going to be so hot.[​IMG]
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    What a fantastic story! I'll be sure to keep an eye on my shipped eggs. I let them sit for 2 days just to try to avoid them growing and pipping in the wrong direction. I candled them all and the air had come back up to the top, but they are all loose air cells, unfortunately, so anything could happen with them.
    Thank you!! And yes, I'm soooo happy my chick won't be lonely now! Whew!! Wow, your chicks are determined to hatch no matter where they are! I'm about having a heart attack over here! LOL That is wonderful about getting the freon. Thank goodness!

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