Coop is finished, chickens are home.


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Jun 15, 2013
W finally finished our coop and we have 4 Rhode Island Reds. Money is always an issue, so it has taken a while, but we did it!
We got most of the stuff of Craigslist, including the chickens. Paid $6.50 each for them. They were running with a pretty tough flock! They were more than a bit roughed up, but we've been spoiling them since day one.
We did make a couple modifications on the water bucket and feeder so my husband who is in a wheelchair can feed and water them. We also used some eye hooks and parracord so he can open and close the coop himself.
They are molting, so no eggs yet.
We are feeding them Modesto Mills organic crumble and scratch.
Party on!

Congrats on your finished project and arrival of the birds -- though the birds shown are not RIR. First glance reaction is that they appear to be Red Sex Links, but given they are mid-molt it can be deceptive so once they are re-feathered a new photo will help to get a proper ID on them for you. Were you given an age for them?
We were told they were around 11 months old. We've been checking out chickens for a few months now. We figured for 7 bucks they are our start up chickens. It's just fun to hear them talk to each other. Buck buck buck.
Well done! It looks great -hope you have factored in the chicken maths issue!

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with chicken math issue.

I am sure you will be very soon! Its the what seems like a compulsion to keep on buying / breeding increasing numbers of chickens. I think almost everyone here on BYC suffers from this particular affliction.

All the best

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