Coughing and blood in poo


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Aug 19, 2012
I have a hen that has been coughing/sneezing and passing bloody poo for about 5 weeks now. I have kept her seperate and hoped that she would either recover on her own accord or die. But 5 weeks on and she is still going. I am reluctant to put her back with the others in case it is infectious. Any advice on what it is? Thanks
Have you treated her with Corid in the past? Any antibiotics, and did they help? She at least needs another round of Corid if she has blood in her poop. What dose did you use, and was it liquid or powder Corid?
I have not had her on any antibiotics. I live in the uk and cannot simply purchase some without an expensive trip to the vet. The hen is not in any visible pain or behaving strangely, just the coughing, so I thought I would leave her to see if she got better on her own. If she did get worse then I would take her to the vets. When I first separated her, every breath was like a trumpet, but the next day it had improved and the next it had gone. Just the coughing has stayed. Then I noticed the blood in the poo. I will post a pic tomorrow.
Blood in the droppings usually means coccidiosis, though it is not always bloody. Amprollium(Amprol, or Corid in the US) is the drug of choice.
Do I remember reading that there's a certain number of days until they either die or start to recover from cocci?

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