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I am setting a cracked egg. It was a Meyers, first egg I have seen of theirs, that was cracked. I am suspecting it was cracked at hatchery, and they didn't notice.

More terrible to say, LO is a popular egg, and maybe they wanted to sell them all. It was not leaking, I put some nail polish, we will see,

This is alot of nail polish. Other cracked eggs at setting only last until day 10, eggs that get dropped or cracked after day ten seem to do better with the nail polish thing.
I have gotten porous eggs there before. Lavender Orpington.
I am not familiar with the regulations in the US, but here in Germany the BDRG has regulations in place regarding the characteristics an egg must feature to qualify as hatching egg. Any breeder associated with the BDRG has to comply with these guide lines.
A porous egg would not be considered a hatching egg and could not be sold as such.

For each breed there exist specifications regarding the shape, weight and colour as well as texture of the shell and cleanliness of their eggs. To sell hatching eggs, the vendor has to ensure that they meet these specifications or else they will just be considered normal eggs for consumption.
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My cracked egg is still going day 7, (not worry too much the cracks were tiny- and I nail polished, mostly just pourous.) I am not going to hold my breath past day 10 but we will see.

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