Crazy Silkie


10 Years
Jan 18, 2010
Somewhere in Tornado Alley......
Our 6 Silkies and 2 SLW's have been in the transitional coop and pen for 4 days now. They learned (finally) to go into their coop at dusk yesterday. This evening, DD and I were sitting out at the pen watching them (yeah, you might be a redneck if you sit at your pen watching the chickens for hours at a time..). The Silkies decided it was time to go to bed. So we moved our chairs to the back of the run so we could watch them go into the coop. Five of the Silkies and the 2 SLW's went up the ramp and into the coop with no problem. The last little Silkie ran around the coop. Everytime she passed the ramp and the door, she would look up and act like she was going to jump up the ramp but didn't. She would run around the coop again, hop up on the waterer, then back down, another lap around the coop, looking... She jumped a couple times trying to get to the top of the ramp. Everytime she jumped, she'd bop her head on the underside of the ramp. I told my DD I think she has eyesight problems. She did this for about 30 minutes, every loop around the coop, she would get more frantic to get in. She was yelling her poor heart out like she was trying to get the others to help her. One of the other Silkies came to the door and just looked at her, and turned around and went back in. I told my DD go get my cell phone so I could record what she was doing. Just as my DD got to the back steps, the Silkie jumped one more time, this time hitting her poor noggin so hard it made her loopy. She laid on the ground for a second, got up, shook herself, and then, just politely walked over to the end of the ramp and calmly walked up the ramp and into the coop as if nothing happened. Yes, we have some nutty birds...they fit right in with the family!!
Silly silkie! Our nickname for our silkies is 'the sillies'. They are soooo silly.
They ARE!!! My DD and I have laughed ourselves almost to death over them. They are hilarious! They don't have their topnotch or whatever it's called yet (they are 5 weeks old today) so they run around like mad. There is a small bush in their pen and I swear everytime they go near it, one of them trips over the bottom limb then runs off like "What??? I didn't do nothing!!! I was just walking and it came up and tripped me!!"
They are crazy!
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