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    Now get that cat to hatch out/incubate some CL eggs in a couple of months when your hen is laying her full-sized egg.

    ETA - that cat in your avatar is incubating those eggs, right?
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    One of mine that started laying this spring/summer molted and took off Sept, Oct and half of Nov. Now she is laying again.... She looked so funny when all her tail-feathers molted out.
    If a bird is a BPR - they want slow-feather growth - right? Because that creates smaller, closer together bars.... But if you want a productive egg-layer you want a fast-feather growth so you can get hen back into production - she is a quick molt chicken...(Gail Damerow is the source of this for productive hens I think)....... So a wide barring like our hens have would indicate a fast feather growth - Right? :O)
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    I think slow feather growth gives you barring and fast growth gives you cuckoo. Fast or slow molting would be possible in either.
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    Thank you!! That makes so much sense.
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    You have Swedish Flower hens?!?! I adore them regardless of never seeing them in person.

    I'm new to this thread--have a few Cream Legbars and love them unreservedly. May your hatch be a good and healthy one.

    Oh, what are those purplish glossy chickens in your avatar?

    And excuse me for jumping into your conversation.
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    Heritage Barred Rocks were a real eye-opener to me. After the puffy downy stage, they were basically naked for weeks. The other breed chicks looked great. The Barred Rocks? Naked little dinosaurs. I couldn't bear to take pictures of them until they started to get feathers:

    The male.

    The female:

    The female next to a chick one week older than her:
    (FWIW the white chick is a Cream Legbar/Polish cross, not a white sport.)

    The barring on the pullet several months later:
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    Impressive normanack!
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    They are laying again. Not sure who as the girls are all together in one big coop. Spring seems so far away.

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    Great looking eggs M!
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    Some pictures from today. As Hugger has matured he has really filled in! He is such a sweetheart to his ladies. If you can spot orange band girl in the crowd, she is the spitting image of her mother, Green Band Girl, but with a fabulous crest! [​IMG] Gonna hatch lots of her babies this year for myself!




    You can't tell but orange band girl is the one in the dead center. You can see a hint of her great salmon coloring from her chest and her fabulous crest! And her mom's lovely tail angle. She also has the yellowest legs of all my pullets. I got really lucky with her.

    For those who haven't seen the more subtle colored golds, the left hen is cream, the right hen is gold. She is so faintly gold you can't quite tell until you see her side by side with a cream. It's more noticeable high up on her neck near her face.

    And just for fun- a Sapphire (UK name for Leghorn X Cream Legbar). I call them my super blue egg layers- let's see if they live up to that name! I have two of them. They are supposedly sold but the lady never came to pick them up... so I may just keep them for a while to see how they lay! They are super great at hatching and very hardy as chicks.


    Meant to get pictures of my super light baby boy growing out but I forgot. Just as well. As soon as I share pictures of a hopeful boy I lose him....
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