Crooked chick legs


11 Years
Dec 8, 2008
Ripley TN
I just hatched out 25 chicks and 2 of them had one of their legs sticking out to the side and never could get it under them to stand for more than a second. It just kept coming out from under them and they would just sit there with their leg sticking out to the side real un-natural looking. I was told it could be a condition called straddle leg or something close to that and it could be fixed if done early.
I am trying to find out what causes it if anyone knows and how to correct it if I get any more chicks like this. 2 LG bators are full now so it is possible I will be facing this problem again soon. The 2 that had it were given away free to a guy that bought all the rest of my chicks.
spraddle leg/splay leg thay might fix themself if u put an old towl in there so thay have grip
or it might be better to help them out stright away this post has a link on how to fix

some say its breeding other say its inqubation to be honest there is no difintive answer as yet on the cause

i found it when my mother hached some chicks and we wanted to kno if it didnt fix itself what to do
thankfully it sorthed itsself out
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