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Mar 27, 2021
I am in charge of three silkies (approx 3yrs) in the school in which I work. On Wednesday, one had a messy behind (not unusual) so I washed her and all seemed well. I checked her again today and it was messy again and I noticed that she had lost weight. Her crop was full, but it was late afternoon so not unusual. Instead of leaving her there over the weekend, I brought her home. She is not herself, she spent Covid lockdown in my garden so it is not an unusual place for her but she is not exploring at all. She has runny poos, see pictures.
I have recently changed her food so this may be the cause of her crop issues.
Crop is full and I am not sure if it is doughy crop or sour crop. There is no smell. A few minutes ago when I was massaging her crop, it felt bubbly, almost squelchy, and then some fluid came out of her mouth. She wants to drink and has had some coconut oil about ten minutes ago. She isn't fussed with eating but her crop is full so I wouldn't expect her to feel hungry. There are not solid lumps in her crop.
All advice gratefully appreciated


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I am hoping some real experts will chime in, but I have dealt with some crop issues in my flock so I know enough to be dangerous
A full description of her crop before any food in the morning will be helpful as well as whatever poop was produced over night.
There are more than one type of crop disorder with different treatments.
This will bring you up to speed.

It sounds like your hen could have a beginning yeast infection.Do you happen to have any pro-biotic tablets on hand? Acidophillus? If so give her a couple now. That could be enough to counter the yeast.

If her crop is still full of liquid in the morning before she eats, then you should start her on miconazole, women's vaginal yeast cream.

Check to be sure the chickens are getting adequate grit.
Thank you for all of you help so far. I have checked her crop this morning, after withdrawing food overnight, and it still has something in, but it doesn't feel like as much. It isn't bubbling or liquidy, more doughy. The only time any liquid came out was once last night after she had a drink and I massaged her.
As for poop she has a messy rear end again but it does appear to be slightly more solid than last night
Her crop had definitely gone down overnight as I have introduced some food this morning and it has grown again. She is drinking from a syringe, 1cc at a time. She is eating natural yoghurt with acidophilus in, and some extra grit mixed in, and scrambled egg with extra grit. She has access to grit too. The crop is soft and can be massaged. I hear bubbles when massaging but no liquid comes out. Poopy bum but less liquid than last night

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