Crow hanging out, unafraid, acting weird


8 Years
May 6, 2011
So Sunday my husband found a crow in our storage shed. The door had been left open I guess. Thought he was trapped in there so I got him out by having him hop up on a stick. He didn't flap or anything, just hopped up and then off when I lowered him to the ground.

He didn't fly off, and even drank from a bowl of water we offered him. He caught a few cicadas and we went back to what we were doing.

Thing is, the crow is still hanging around. Went down to the shop yesterday and the crow was there (about 50 yards from shed) He was haning out up against the building under a grill. He isn't afraid when we approach him, just stands there. I've seen him fly about 100 yards, so he can fly.

I'm worried that he's got west nile or some other nasty stuff. Not sure what to do about him. My coop is being renovated and he was hanging out around it today. Don't want him anywhere near my coop if he's sick! I had him hop on a stick and walked him back to the shed (he tried to hop on my arm), but he flew back over to the coop.

So something's wrong with him that he just hangs out in one area and doesn't care when we approach him. Not sure what to do, I'm not going to kill him or anything. Anyone I can call about him?
Do you think he's young? There's that period of time between getting kicked out of the nest and figuring out how to fly that you might find one grounded. Just a guess. Had one of those in my back yard once, but the parents were in the trees nearby watching.
Maybe he was someones pet crow and he got lost! I have heard that they make good pets...I really have no idea! Do you have a wildlife rehab center near where you live?
Its possible he is somebodies escaped pet. Sounds like he was trained to get up on a perch. Maybe check the local ads somebody may be looking for him
Sounded like a tamed bird right away to me, too. Could he possibly be a myna bird? I think they are all black like a crow.
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You might try talking to it and even offering a peanut or something, just to observe it's reaction. How reactive is it? Bright eyes, agile, active? If it seemed listless or something I would worry about illness, but your description makes it sound like a tame bird.
What color is it? Black with purple and blue overtones - Adult

Sooty grey, possibly with incomplete feathering beneath wings - Juvenile

If adult, then possibly West Nile virus season soon to be underway.

I have had pet crows as a child. When in good health they live to approach from an elevated position as an adult. Also just because crow may have been a pet does not mean it will treat strange humans as a friend. Crows can tell humans apart very well, regardless of what you are wearing.

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