Cuckoo/black silkie eggs

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  1. Up for auction are 6 cuckoo/black silkie eggs. In this pen is a cuckoo roo and a nice black hen (soon to be another black hen in there). She is laying everyday (why I do NOT know because we are having a record cold snap with lows in the low to mid 20's every night for the last 4 nights and it's expected to continue another few days). She must like the cold weather!

    I won't be able to get extras unless you are willing to wait an extra day or so before I ship them to see if she'll gives us one or two extra. I'm only running the auction for 2 days. Below is a pic of the hen, roo and her "babies". They were shipped silkie eggs that I put under her to finally break a 9 week brood. Not the best pics, but all I could find.

    Edited to add: I have thick-walled styrofoam shippers that I can use to ship the eggs if you are concerned about your eggs freezing. Also, I write on the outside "Hatching NOT allow to freeze". The last person who received eggs from me said the PO called her to say they were here and she picked them up. I don't charge any extra for the shippers as I get them free at work [​IMG]

    Questions??? Just PM me...

    Thanks for your bids. This is a lovely pair and I believe you will have some nice chicks.


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