Cuckoo Maran/Barred Rock ?

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    The eggs really don't darken appreciably. From what I've read here, the Cuckoo Marans are the least likely to lay a really dark, chocolate egg. Sorry.
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    Feb 20, 2013
  3. HUH???? Did you mean the BR's are the least likely? It's the dark chocolate brown eggs that are breed specific for the Cuckoo Marans...I just read the standard for them on Google a few hours ago....they are a French breed and lay very dark chocolate brown colored eggs...I'll try to find the link again...maybe you typed it backwards and meant the BR's? LOL I do that all the time!!! Get things backwards I mean!
  4. Pheobe is a Silver Cuckoo Marans or a mix with the silver being dominate...beautiful bird!!!!

    Check out the link above, at the bottom is has a pic of the silver, pretty cool, aye? Bet your dark egg comes from her!
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    Interesting read on the standard for the Cuckoo Marans! The darkest brown egg came from Belgium by the way!
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    she's a barred rock, but doesn't really look like mine. Does their ancestry make them look different?
  7. BR's should look quite different than the Cuckoo Marans...BR's should have very straight long barring 'lines" every where, as it the Cuckoo Marans are more speckled or spotted looking...mine look more like the marans but were sold as BR's.

    They do have similar ancestry, to some extent, so I guess with the hatchery birds, they figure a "barred" looking chicken be what they say it is????? IDK for sure why they aren't straight up with it...most people figure it out anyways [​IMG]
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    So is it the Copper Marans that usually lay the darker eggs?
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