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Mar 5, 2009
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Just wanted to share. My kids are 3 weeks old. Three more weeks or so and I will be finding them homes.
It amazes me how fast the little guys grow!! And my Mallard hen is sitting on a nest, as well, so in four weeks we should have another batch. These ducklings are calls (pet quality). Dad is white with black spots and Mom is the pied in with the ducklings. I had to fence Roger, the daddy, out because he was not nice to his children, unsurprisingly. He was ok until they got to be about 1 and a half weeks old and then he realized they were ducks and decided to be territorial.

Duckling by elizabeth's*whimsies, on Flickr

Hattie and her Kids by elizabeth's*whimsies, on Flickr

And Daisy on her nest:

Daisy Setting by elizabeth's*whimsies, on Flickr

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