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    Sep 27, 2011
    I've never visited this section of the forum before and there's certainly a lot of information here. I wanted to talk about my experience with Dark Eggs Daily, not to complain, but to give some praise where it's due. I hope it doesn't conflict with any rules. I just had a really good experience with them earlier this summer and if other folks are looking for Wheaten Marans, which are hard to find shipped as live chicks, this could be a possibility.

    I ordered 18 chicks (straight run) and received 23. Unfortunately, it was during the brutal heat of the summer and many of them died at the Post Office. I don't blame anyone here- you just can't control the weather and it's easier to stay warm than cool off in a warehouse-type facility. The Post Office couldn't give me the damage paperwork because the package hadn't been insured, but the folks at Dark Eggs Daily sent me a box with 12 replacements the next time they hatched chicks. I didn't even ask for replacements- all I did was e-mail to let them know that only 16 had made it. That's only a couple under the amount I ordered, which is perfectly reasonable for shipped chicks. They were easy to deal with and very friendly to boot. I've narrowed down from what I received and picked the 4 best pullets to be part of my own breeding flock. I'm really excited to see what comes of them this upcoming spring!
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    They sound like a great place to do business. So unusual in these days and times.
    I am glad you got some great birds, I love my Marans.

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