day 5 candling

Definitely wait a while. I wouldn't even check until day 7, and then it still doesn't mean anything. For a lot of them, you'll only notice color change. Some you might think are doing nothing, based on how far along they should be, and then you're presently surprised a day or two later.

My first time candling I was cautious. I waited until an egg looked like it was 1+ wks behind development. There are a lot of horror stories of people thinking they're 'bad eggs' and autopsying them, to find out they now have a premature developing duckling emergency.

This is good, but still, just a *GUIDE*
They are not as textbook as I thought
You should at least see clouding by day 5. If the eggs are completely clear, they're likely not fertile. No reason to dispose of them, though, unless you're trying to make room in an incubator for eggs you know to be fertile.

It should be day 8 at this point. How do they look now? Also, how are you doing your candling?
i ended up tossing the eggs ive done incubating like 6 times normally chickens but ducks twice, i have new ones in today is day 3 ill candle on day 10 but im pretty sure its all systems go cheers
Im on day 6 and Im scared to candle...This is my 7th year trying for my own home grown ducklings...First few years dependant on a slow drake. Then pekin cross girls who Im fairly certain are mules because their eggs give me hope for 3 weeks then die. This year I have some new drakes and girls, all calls mixed in with my others and a nice selection of eggs.

Im too scared to candle! Even if I see development they might pack it in at 3 weeks.
Why are you afraid to candle them? Is it that you're thinking you'll be let down if they're fertile then don't survive to hatching? I can understand it if so, but we candle once per week to dispose of anything that didn't survive. You don't want to leave an egg without a viable embryo in the nest to get broken. If you've never smelled that, you don't want to start now

Are you incubating or is one of your hens sitting on them?
Sounds to me like your incubator settings are off or you are not keeping the proper humidity. I had to lower my temp on my incubator after the first try failed. Do you have a hygrometer to test the humidity? Best of luck
it was the incubator it was running to high ive got my hands on a new one and things are looking up

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