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    I have new chicks and of the 7 I got, one died 3 days after receiving them. She was not healthy from the start so it was no surprise. I have one other chick that's not doing great, but surviving. She eats some she is much smaller then the others, they have grown very well. I have given her sav-a-chick electrolytes and probiotic additives in the water. I do give her the water in a dropper one drop at a time several times a day. I see some of the info says she may have coccidoisis and to use corid. I see no blood in her droppings or in any of the others droppings. I started her on the corid this morning but have not given it to the other chicks. If there is no inprovement tomorrow should I stop the corid. Not sure what to do with this lttle one.
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    Idk but, I think you should post your question in Emergencies /Diseases... forum and someone might see it that can help you . Good Luck

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