Day old Silkie with Slipped tendon. Did I do it right?

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Ok so I read how to slip it back and I think I did it right.
    I didnt have any vet wrap so I cut some slivers of band-aid

    First I slipped it back into place then tapped going round the way the tendon went back.

    Before the chick would sort of just stay low and drag its what I guess would be its ankle out to the side of it(what I would call our elbow for the way it bends). I taped the leg straight out because when it bent it would slip back out.
    Now the chick stands tall but kind of has to hop everywhere but the leg seems to be staying under it.
    How do I know if its staying in place?
    Does it sound like I did it right?
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  2. HorseFeatherz NV

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    How is your little chickie doing? Not yet had a slipped tendon, so I am no help - sorry.

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