de-worming questions


10 Years
May 9, 2009
Denver Metro area Colorado
I am new to this and have two chicks. I am going organic with these ladies and am only going to be eating their eggs. Do I need to give them any sort of medication for de-worming later? I havent heard anything bout it and just wondered if it was part of owning chickens. does Food grade DE do that? I just was wondering. Can someone let me know.

Ps: I dont think they have worms or anything..I jsut want to know what to do for the future. I have them on a non medicated starter still.
awesome! I eat tons of garlic. How often do you do this? I live in Colorado which is a very dry state. How do you force them to drink it? Do you just pry thier beaks open and squirt it?
It says to just squirt it into their mouth.

Or you can crush garlic, and hang it in a stocking in the water. 1/4 pound of crushed garlic per 3 gallons of water. Do that for 1 week, then plain water, and then the garlic water for 1 more week. Repeat every 3 months it says.

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