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    I am having great difficulty in finding my way round this is giving me a headache. And so, I am posting my thread here as this is the only place I can find that prompts me to 'start a new thread'.


    Today I noticed one of my new hens poop two round worms. I was pretty horrified but that might explain why she hasn't started laying yet and also, why she has been moulting some feathers. I was on the case immediately.

    I looked up a natural de-wormer which had mixed reviews. I passed on that as I need something truly effective and preferably natural/organic.
    I looked up Flubenvet - are you kidding me on the price??

    I started getting my head round what I had to hand and what I knew - with a history of alternative living and some research, I came up with this.

    In their pellets today I have mixed the following;

    olive oil infused with several cloves of garlic, crushed cloves, turmeric, ginger and D.E, fresh herbs - oregano, mint, rosemary, parsley, coriander and lemon balm. They already have garlic in their water and I will add astralagus and Bowel Essence - a jan de Vries plant remedy -, and colloidal silver. I also have on order Walnut tincture, wormwood, pumpkin seeds and Braggs Apple Cider vinegar. Pretty sure that will clear them out.

    And there is also the homeopathic remedy Cina :)
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    This site can be hard to navigate/search, this is the best way I've found:
    advanced search>titles only>round worms

    I personally do not subscribe to herbals if there is a heavy infestation. I suppose they can work/help as a preventative, but.....there's no telling what the efficacy/risks/batch potency of herbals might be-especially if used as you describe, you wouldn't know what worked and/or what might have caused any complications that might occur..... so would use chemicals if I had a serious infestation like poops full of worms. JMHO

    Here's a pretty good discussion on round worm in particular, from reading thousands of posts I believe dawg53 is very thorough and experienced.

    Best of Luck to you.

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