Dead turkey


Aug 29, 2018
hi there, we had 9 B.B. turkeys. A few days ago, I saw all of my birds eating, drinking, and playing around like normal. When my wife came home from work 3 hours later, our biggest Tom was flipped over on its back dead in the back of the coop. It looks similar to what I have read about meat chickens getting “flipping disease” or a heart attack. Any clue on what happened to our poor Tom?
Sorry for your loss. To find a cause of death you could try to get a necropsy by your state vet or poultry lab. I don’t know much about turkeys, but I would look at the crop and gizzard, and examine other organs for anything unusual if you butcher or do your own necropsy. Bodies sent to the state vet should be promptly refrigerated and sent on ice packs in a cooler. I would also post on the turkey forum, under Forums above at the top of the page. Here is a link for state vets:

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