Definitive word on feeding treats to chicks?


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I've just spent half an hour combing through pages of previous posts regarding treats still don't think I understand the consensus (if there is one) on what and when.

Some of the more experienced folks seem to advocate for feeding starter only until 16 weeks because of the importance of maintaining nutritional balance.

But I see that many others have had fun with crickets, mealworms, fruit, and DARE I EVEN MENTION - styrofoam?????

I would love to get a show of hands on how old chicks should be before introducing treats, and, if there is an order in which such treats should be introduced - dairy, fruit, etc sooner or later? (Yes, I've seen the Treat Chart, which is awesome, but I'm specifically interested in how to address treats with baby chicks, not adult chickens.)

And I understand from my reading that they can be fed yogurt without providing grit, but otherwise grit should be sprinkled on any other treat.

"A little grit with your cricket, sir?"

I'm not planning to provide a styrofoam supplement, btw.

basically I never even fed treats to young chicks
as they were on complete starter grower

also the fact that grit is fed to chicks is ONLY when you feed whole or cracked grains

treats of the kind I fed older chickens was like swiss chard, and the fruits and vegetables from the garden
I am more prone to feed whole oats to adults as they will lay lots of eggs with whole oats and a feeder of granite grit

the use of cracked corn defeats your purpose of feeding good commercial crumbles
BECAUSE cracked corn lacks the most nutritional part of the corn kernel the HEART

feed mills sell the corn hearts to people wanting only the best of the corn

also corn is the most first ingriedient in the commercial crumbles 9% protein

so feeding treats really is about watching the chicks or chickens scurrying about taking the treat from another chicken
it gives pleasure to the feeder of the treat

so one has to decide if the chicks can eat it and not choke or defeat the starter grower you normally feed

grit is not needed tille they eat whole or cracked grains

some feel that eating greens makes them need grit I never ever gave it a thought as my older chickens always had grit and oyster shell in seperate feeders

any questions email me

You're right there isn't probably a definitive answer. Treats should be a supplement to a healthy diet, not the diet itself. I raised 3 chicks and I gave small amounts of treats from day 1. All made it to adulthood with out a problem. Good Luck.

Imp and, If you don't give them styrofoam supplements your chicks won't grow up to be picnic coolers, just lunch boxes.

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