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Mar 9, 2018
Yesterday morning I found my chicken falling over and couldn't keep her head up. It keep going back as if she was looking towards the ceiling. I figured it was because their water ran out. I started giving her water with a syringe and within an hour or two looked better but still very thin and not herself. She has been having watery poo and eats here and there but not much. I keep giving her water because I haven't seen her drink with electrolytes on her own. Idk why she is my girl who got thin and lethargic like this. Was it because she was dehydrated?? I need help. She is still acting tired and puffed up but standing on her own and eating small amounts here and there. I'm wondering if she will make it? It's my Australorp.


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How long have you had her?

In the photo it looks like her crop is prominent - is it emptying overnight?

Falling over and looking at the ceiling sounds like a neurological symptom like Wry Neck. I would give her 400IU Vitamin E and 1/4 tablet B-Complex once a day. Egg is fine to give as well.

Get a fecal float to see if worms and/or coccidiosis are issues as well. She's young so disease like Marek's could be the reason for her symptoms, but it would be hard to know unless you lose her and have testing performed. See if she improves with your giving her vitamins and supportive care.

See that she is eating her normal feed and that she has access to fresh water during waking hours.

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