delaware hen in mixed breed flock

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6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
I am brand new at having chickens. I am a very nervous and excited chicken mom to be. This is my problem. I thought I read enough to make a fairly good decision when I was picking out the breeds for the small flock I am getting. I wanted a fairly docile freindly group of hens that I could keep as pets and would produce a fair amt. of eggs. the breeds I chose because I live in massachusetts where it gets cold are the delaware, the black australorpe, the coronation sussex, buff orpington, blue laced red wyandotte and a salmon favorelle. I know the favorelle is usually at the low end of the pecking order but couldn't resist her because of everything I read and am hoping the others will blend well with her. After reading threads by other delaware owners, I am now very nervous about my choices which will be arriving the first week in may. Many people are writing that the delaware is very aggressive to other birds. Can anyone give me advice?

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