Depressed Demoted Silkie Rooster

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    I have a very depressed Silkie rooster, and was just wondering what might happen with him, and if there's anything I can do for him. He's making me a little sad.

    This is what happened - We didn't start out expecting roosters, but ended up with 3 from the beginning. They have always gotten along pretty well. The Alpha is Rocky the Rhode Island Red (who was originally supposed to be a pullet). Second in command was Sam the Silkie. He's a very feisty little thing. Third was Phoenix (Sizzle)...cute but never had a chance with the other 2...he mostly follows Rocky around as a tiny little sidekick. Then, we hatched some of our eggs, and Rocky had a son named Lyle. He's HUGE! For the longest time, he's been in 3rd place behind feisty Sam, even though he's about 4 times his size. Well all that changed recently, and Lyle apparently banished Sam from the coop. I haven't seen any sign of injury or blood, but Sam has retreated to the far corner of the yard, usually by himself, and he just sits or lays around back there. Some of the youngest pullets will go back there and keep him company a little, but he barely notices them. They'll walk away and he just sits there. This has been going on for a couple weeks. He is eating and seems healthy, just very depressed. When he goes to the coop at night, Lyle chases him away at first, and then finally lets him in. So sad.

    Any tips? Do you know how this will play out? I thought the depression would just last a few days and he would learn his new role, it's just lasting longer than I expected.

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    Oct 17, 2011
    I was curious how your depressed Silkie is doing? My young cockeral Silkie just began crowing (and doing what comes naturally to a boy that age) about a month ago. He was born April 15, 2011, began crowing at the end of September. One of my older Silkie hens did not appreciate "Giblet's" advances and attacked him full on with feet flying. Giblet subsequently ran into a tree. He has crowed once since then. He now avoids Tilly and no longer struts his stuff. We were out of town last week and had a neighbor act as chicken tender. Now something definitely does not seem right about Giblet. Granted, he had a large amount of poop in his foot feathers and near his back-end. I have given him a thorough bath. In addition to the depression, he seems to be wobbly on his feet. If I place him on his roost (the lowest perch), he slips off backwards. Instead of scratching, he sits and pecks at the ground unenthusiatically. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
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    Perhaps separate Lyle from the rest of the flock and see if Sam gets promoted back again.

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