Design a vertical chicken coop for persecuted Christians


Feb 18, 2017
Middle Eastern Christians, other groups, and women suffer great persecution. They are poor, cold, and hungry.
Help me improve their lives one idea at a time.
Having little or no land, I am looking for a vertical chicken coop that can be used outside or inside their home - yes, tons of cleaning, but they need protein and the happiness of having "pets". It should hold 12 hens (eggs to ear and sell), PVC pipe frame, 6 ft high, width is less critical. As narrow depth and humane as possible - no poultry factory design. Also consider easy access to clean. The poor do not live in humane housing. You guys are the experts, so I appeal to you.
Also looking for indoor vertical gardens on walls with proper lighting - indoor plants will help purify the air - and they can harvest year round.
Other suggestions welcome.
Thank you for your loving compassion for these people.


Mar 20, 2017
Try to plan 4 square feet per chicken, minimum.
For 12 chickens, that would be 48 square feet.
If you do several levels, the chickens are not likely to use each level equally, so you might need to treat it as 2 or 3 stacked pens, each holding 4 or 6 chickens. (Don't let the chickens go back and forth from one level to another.)

If you need 6 chickens per level, at 4 square feet per chicken, that is 24 square feet per level. That would be 4 x 6 feet, or 3 x 8 feet.

I would not want to go narrower than 3 feet, although you might possibly be able to go down to 2 feet wide.

For indoor use, I suggest the feeders and waterers be outside the cage, with the chickens sticking their heads out to eat (yes, like the style found in commercial cages.) It means they cannot step in their feed and water, and it makes the inside space more available to the chickens. So a narrow trough along one end or part of one side can hold food, and another on the other end or other part of the side can hold water.

Easy cleaning: either have one side open up completely, to take out the chickens and replace the bedding, or have a wire-mesh floor with a tray underneath to collect the droppings. (Standing on wire mesh is not what chickens like to do, but it is an efficient way to separate chicken poop from chickens.)

I know this isn't what you asked for, but commercial cages ARE well designed for keeping chickens alive, fed & watered & laying eggs, and in a small space. (Not much fun for the chickens or the people, of course.)

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