Design a vertical chicken coop for persecuted Christians


Mar 20, 2017
Also looking for indoor vertical gardens on walls with proper lighting - indoor plants will help purify the air - and they can harvest year round.
Shelves mounted on a wall, or free-standing next to the wall.
Fluorescent tube lights (cool white works fine) mounted under each shelf, to light the one below.
Either put a big tray on each shelf to catch water, and put pots in it, or use a saucer under each pot.
Shelves could be anywhere from 6" wide (pots of lettuce, some herbs, possibly pea plants or bean plants) up to 2 feet wide or so. Remember that dirt is heavy, especially when it is wet.

But that is assuming access to lights and electricity. If that is not possible, then the only options are to use natural light from windows, or to put the plants outdoors.

In the USA (where I live), we assume that people can go to the store and buy lights, pots, dirt, fertilizer, seeds, and so forth. I do not know how many of those things are available to the people you intend this for.

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