Design a vertical chicken coop for persecuted Christians


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May 6, 2020
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Middle Eastern Christians, other groups, and women suffer great persecution. They are poor, cold, and hungry.
Help me improve their lives one idea at a time.
Having little or no land, I am looking for a vertical chicken coop that can be used outside or inside their home - yes, tons of cleaning, but they need protein and the happiness of having "pets". It should hold 12 hens (eggs to ear and sell), PVC pipe frame, 6 ft high, width is less critical. As narrow depth and humane as possible - no poultry factory design. Also consider easy access to clean. The poor do not live in humane housing. You guys are the experts, so I appeal to you.
Also looking for indoor vertical gardens on walls with proper lighting - indoor plants will help purify the air - and they can harvest year round.
Other suggestions welcome.
Thank you for your loving compassion for these people.
Welcome to BYC.
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