Desperately seeking local hatcheries/breeders in AZ

Michelle K

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Apr 19, 2014
I am preparing to find my first backyard chicken flock. I would like to avoid the trauma of shipping my new babies to be, so I wondered if anyone had suggestions for reputable/local AZ breeders preferably in the Phx area. I do not know if organically raised chicks are even an option, but it is definitely my wish! I would appreciate any helpful information =)

Welcome to BYC!

I know your stress and don't like to have chicks shipped to me either. Have you checked your local feed stores? Lots of them are carrying chicks this time of year. I am not aware of any hatcheries in AZ, but there could be some. Privett Hatchery is here in New Mexico in Portales. Not too far from AZ.

You might want to chat with others in your state to see where they are getting their chicks from...

You can also check our Buy Sell and Trade section too as maybe someone nearby you is hatching and selling chicks...

Good luck finding your new flock! If you have any other questions, that is what we are here for. Welcome to our flock!
Ok so this isn't th Phx area..but it is AZ...
I bought all of my chicks from From Fluff to Feathers Farm up near Prescott.
She does some of her own hatchlings & also gets some from a hatchery & sells them at the local feed store.
There's also Olsen's Grain which has stores in Chino Valley & I believe Dewey/Humboldt but I don't know if they have other feed stores near Phx..
I know the woman that runs from Fluff to Feathers Farm will do local shipping & her chicks are really fantastic..
She has a Facebook page so maybe it couldn't hurt to check it out?
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You've gotten some good suggestions above, Good luck in your search!
Thank you all for your kind welcome wishes

I am happy to have found you! I am still looking for local hatching options & hopeful that it will work out well
Unfortunately, you just missed the Maricopa County Fair which had a large representation of many breeds of poultry and breeders there. You also might want to check out the Arizona Poultry Organization, though I think you have to be a member to access the breeder's section, I may be wrong. Craig's List is iffy as I do know for a fact there are some people listing themselves as breeders but they buy chicks from feed stores and pass them off as their own. Having said that, I did find a breeder of Golden Marans on Craigs List in Queen Creek and she is legit and very involved in the show circuit. I think there is a couple phone numbers listed on the main page of the AZ Poultry Org so you might want to try them and ask about breeders info. Did you have a particular breed in mind?

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