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Ok, first off I'm not really much of a baker. <end disclaimer>

Ok, so all the pizza places have these "Dessert Pizzas" which seem to simply be:

Then drizzled with a simple powdered sugar frosting / glaze

Here's the thing: It doesn't seem like rocket science, right? Well, that is until I remember the first part.... the DOUGH!

So, I'm calling on all the experts out here. What are my different options for an easy dough for these things? Also, do you have a fav. recipe for these dessert pizzas?

For the dough, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Everything from a dough that requires all the rising, yeast, etc., to a premade canned ball of dough from the store, to anything in-between.

Looking forward to learning from the experts!!!

I am no expert but I have heard that you can use sugar cookie dough for the crust and it makes it really yummy!!
If you aren't a baker you can just open a can and roll it out lol....
I like to make a standard pizza dough and put it on your pan.
Mix ricottan or mascopone with a little honey or sugar and spread on your dough.
Take dried fruit like figs, cherries, blueberrries, etc. soak for awhile in apple juice and place on pizza. Sprinke with mozzarella and brown sugar and bake.
You can also layer one sliced apples, peaches, etc and bake.
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I always like the thought of sugar cookie dough for the crest, some sort of glaze or frosting or chocolate for the sauce, and then put toppings on it of, say, grated white chocolate, or bits of candy peices, or such. . . . There's a huge variety out there of candies to use, but you can even settle with chocolate sauce, white chocolate shavings for cheese, and raspberries for the meat.
If you want pizza dough rather than cookie dough, there is a great deep dish pizza dough mix in the same aisle as the muffin mixes. Sometimes it is near the jars of pizza sauce. Either way, you mix the packet of powder with warm water, moosh it up (that's the technical term), let it rise and then spread it out on the pan. It is easy peasy and tastes great.

If you want a really amazing dessert pizza, we had this unbelieveable concoction in Italy last month. They took pizza dough and spread it with chocolate and nutella. They then folded it over and baked it. Once it came out it was liberally sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is amazing and gooey and fabulous. YUM!
Wow, lots of really good ideas and suggestions. In fact, you've reminded me of one inspiration I had a while back and just now (literally 2 mins ago) whipped up for a renewed sampling.

Background: The restaurant "Claim Jumpers" has a "Chocolate Chip Calzone" which is pretty amazing. We've made them from scratch a few times when we get together with our friends.

My version: Well, being terribly lazy and impatient I came up with my own version: "Th poor lazy impatient man's Dessert Calzone (kinda)":

Take 1-2 Eggo (or store brand) chocolate chip waffles (round or square should work... but only tested with round, so you're on your own here) and toast them.

Put them on a plate and slather one side of each of them full of Nutella.

Add vanilla ice cream. Experiment with the ice cream just between two waffles or just on the top.

Add whipped cream!


I like cooking. A lot.

The nutella waffles thing sounds interesting, but I've been so turned off by Nutella lately. . . Had way too much of it a couple years ago and haven't touched it since.

So, you looking more for a gourmet type thing or a kid type thing?

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