Diamond Doves

I have a pair. Started out with the male and was going to keep him in an aviary with my finches and canary, but he didn't do well in there...he never learned to go down to the floor to eat and drink and he stayed up high and was getting dehydrated I think by the time I could see that something was wrong.... But after going back in his original cage he has been fine since. Recently got him a mate.

She laid an egg the other day. I moved it cause she laid it in their grit dish and after I did they recognized where it was, but I dunno if they're gonna go ahead and take to the new nest spot or not.... If not I guess there's always next time around.....

Otherwise, they're cute lil birds and easy to take care of as far as that goes. I feed mine seed and pelleted food the same as for finches or canaries. I believe they need grit supplied to them because they eat seeds and things whole.
Just as an adendum to what I said above.... Mine have resettled onto their new nest and took up housekeeping, so looks like it's going okay.
Thank you, chseeads and truecolorsloft.

chseeads, you keep your doves inside, no? Because this is what I want some inside birds.
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Love the pics, al of our ringnecks are inside, like your diamonds. It's funny to see the lookon visitors when they walk in and the birds begin to coo.
I have had Diamonds before and they are no more diffulcult to care for than Canaries, Finches, Parakeets or any other house bird. They do require grit like other cage birds. And I would stick with a good seed mix for them. You can also mix some game bird chow in their seed. Just crush it up into a powder and mix it with the seed. That will help supply some protien that they might be missing to help put them into breeding condition. You might also consider joining the American Dove Association if you want to get some really good birds and breed them yourself. They have a list of breeders and there just might be one close to you that you can call on.

I have ringneck doves currently. Although they keep laying eggs, non have been fertile. I may have to get another pair to see if that sparks something.

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