Diatomaceous Earth and Piperazine


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Dec 2, 2007
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I have 10 hens that are 34 weeks old. They are doing exceedingly well and are producing terrific eggs.

I am looking for information on the use of Diatomaceous Earth to dust them and Piperazine for worming them.

I've never used these products and I'm a relative newcomer at raising chickens.

What's the proper way to administer them to the gals?

Thanks in advance!

I ordered the DE from McMurray, but you can certainly find it on other sites. As far as the Piperazine...that is the active ingrediant in Wazine. I know this b/c I had a worm problem with some of my chickens and took them to the vet and she checked that out for me. I got the Wazine from Southern States. It's a liquid so you put it in their water. You cannot eat the eggs during and a little after admistering though. I've seen most people on this site say that if you do not see worms, then you don't need to worm at all.
Good luck.
Wazine comes in different strengths..
usually for chickens you use Wazine 17.
(which BTW.,.is the brand name, and the active ingrediant is piperazine)

it does only treat adult round worms.
it's widely available.
for Wazine 17 you give 1 ounce per gallon of drinking water for one full day ..(removing water the night before)..
then repeat in 10-14 days.

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