Different color comb


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
I have a couple chicks i believe both to be roosters still really hoping there not. The only real distinguishing factor in the 2 is one has a real dark bright comb and waddle is well showing at 6 weeks. The other the exact same age has a fairly large comb awell but its very pale and waddle is a little smaller. I believe there d'Uccle but were crossed somewhere a few years back in the bloodline. Im just wondering what anyone elses experince is with light combed birds do they turn out to be roosters later or vice versa.
With my D'Uccles, I could tell pretty early which was a roo. His comb and wattles grew in much sooner, and did redden up faster, too. Any chance you can post pictures of the birds in question?

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