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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Amberjem, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. hennible

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  2. How cool would that be?

    you are making me tired just reading this LOL

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    Now that I know how close you are I think I saw the same two this morning! They did a big circle outside my window and then headed south together. A beautiful site for sure, but glad your chooks were safe. I should have grabbed the camera, doh! Well, the one with the good lens is at the office anyway... Now off to check on progress at the new place - DH is testing out floor finishes, and then pick up son from a sleepover. Have a great Sunday everyone [​IMG]
  4. woah!
  5. Amberjem

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    where is the new place? and lol we have so many eagles here on the island could be any pair :)
  6. Amberjem

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    finally got the chicken pathway bricks finished whew..now just to scatter somemore seed and a couple wheel barrows of dirt and hopefully it will get some grass and get rid of the muddy area......it's a beautiful day today...........making me itchy to get the pathway to the backyard crushed out before the muddy season really hits........
  7. Amberjem

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    lol feel free to come lend a hand fun part now gonna get the frame of the chicken tractor done :) I got distracted pruning the laurel where the walkway to the backyard could go.....lol should I mrntion the dishes are done and the laundry's finished and vacuumed as well lol
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    That reminds me... I need to make a path from our front door to the forest in the spring. And get the neighbors to start using it. No matter how many times I tell them to just walk right in front of our house, they keep taking a route right by the edge of the property... I'm afraid of how my rhubarb is going to look come spring. Their path goes straight through my junk garden. The soil is riddled with all kinds of inorganic trash, glass, bricks, porcelain and such. I've got some parsley root, strawberries, rhubarb and chives planted there.
  9. Amberjem

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    that doesnt sound to safe.............whew wore my drill out have to make friend fries n chilli for chilli cheese fries for lunch and let drill recharge..but frames nearly done...couple more supports and figure out how to frame for the roof and door frame
  10. It's like 2000 miles girl, otherwise I'd be there.[​IMG] I worked my tail off inside today, laundry, dishes, reorganized the plastics cupboard. I had lids from 2009 with no matchng bowl. LOL I get my new dishwasher tomorrow so cleaning under the sink in the morning.

    We have concrete slab steps but I would love to have a more organic pathway. When we fix the foundation and add the covered porch and lose the deck I'l probably rip out the concrete, which will make DH mad. He did all the work himself. I just hate straight lines, few things in nature run in straight lines. It's just my thing. LOL

    Ouchie if they step in that.

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