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    I'm on a thread that's focused around dispatching and butchering and the emotions... Read a few stories about botched (every method actually) neck slicing... We do it with an axe.
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    up to 17 chicks!

    (one has slightly curled toes.... what did I screw up on??? I haven't googled it yet... ... blach)
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    Except the weird toes...
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    I've tried sharp knife twice. Never again... Axe will always do it this way. I like the wrapping in the towel part to help with the last flight of nerves. That part I still do.
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    nummy tonights dinner,, basil, garlic, onion, cumin, mustard, paparika, parmisen, bread crumb rolled chicken then wrapped in bacon, topped with mozzarella and mushroom onion alfredo cream sauce over rice with pea's
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    Really? I don't know if I could do the axe, actually, not sure I can do either. I'm going to have a hard time whether I do it or DH does it.
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    It should be hard to butcher an animal, that shows that you have respect... And at the same time we need to know if your going to eat meat something's got to die.
    I still can't actually do the deed, I hold them I prepped them I butcher them but I don't kill them, yet. I don't know what their problem is there's no difference between me swinging the axe or my husband swinging the axe, either way I'm the one that said that chickens got to go... At least our birds live good lives.
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    Jan 26, 2014
    Need to invent s poultry guillotine with a timer.
    Strap the bird in. Set timer and go inside. Come out 5 mins later to a head in a bucket
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