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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Amberjem, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Sounds good... Never thought about a timer...
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    @Juleschicks. if you haven't done it before ...it is something to wrap your head around for sure. Especially if they are loved...which many are for us. The knife just didn't do the job well enough for me with quills in the way and the speed of it. Ack..

    I guess I use more of a short hatchet rather than Axe.
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    this will be the way for me. But because I wont have help and am not comfortable with an axe I will be using a cone of some sort and the very sharp knife.

    But I will be taking a class on the process first. Someone knowledgeable to show me the way where to cut and to be efficient. There are several people around here that I know personally who would be happy to teach me... I have two reasons... I am more comfortable with a knife than an axe.... and Partially because I will be wanting to skin for pelts eventually.

    The pelts fetch the best money if the head is included... Fly Tiers... If i learn how to preserve the pelt well I should be able to sell them to fly tyers...

    Wanted to edit and add: My first birds will be meaties which wont have names and a long history with me.
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    Thanx, Jem... Amazing Am breeder, quality birds and great rep... But not sure I want 2 separate Am pens... and getting very discouraged with shipped eggs... I swear the PO drop kicks every one of my boxes now, lol...

    Great vids and congrats on your first home raised chicken dinner!

    We're gonna attach killing cones upside down to a large post and use hatchet method with bleed out tubs underneath... I like the holding method, but this will be easier when processing a larger batch...

    ETA: Missed a lot, sorry. Been reading Oz's thread 'Getting the flock out of here' for the last week... about 1/4 of the way through it, lol...
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    that would be nice
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    Mar 31, 2014
    It's so cold!!! UGH! Artic cold front coming. Thanks for the info on the hatcheries. I'll check them out on Monday (my day off).

    I finally got a decent colored egg from my FM yesterday!!! I was feeling this [​IMG] and DH was feeling this [​IMG] All the other eggs the FM have been giving me have been lighter in color and the color wipes off. I'll post a pic later today. Been super busy.

    @Alaskan I love my SS roo (Sue). He rules the roost. For 2 years I have bought him girls and had more than my fair share of issues with the SS. Sue has stayed strong, but the others I purchased get sick and die or got ate by the bird dog.[​IMG]

    Well, I gotta fly to work. Then to feed store, school to pick up little girl, hair appointment, home to cook dinner and feed chickens and rabbits[​IMG]. You all have a wonderful day.
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    Now that's a lot of sauce. Looks yummy. And creamy.
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    Good morning everyone!

    No chicks, no external pips. Hatch day for my broody hen is today and then my incubator is today tomorrow and Sunday because I have a couple eggs from the broody hen in my incubator.

    One of the genius chickens or guineas flew and hit the light socket last night and busted the light bulb. :eek:
    yes me and Josh are going to have to kick the breaker off and get the remaining piece of the light bulb out of the socket and attempt to clean up all the glass if I can find all the glass.

    sometimes I wonder how these things ever survived in the wild...

    :frow Morning @Outpost JWB

    that dinner looks good jem. How is everyone else's morning going?
  10. Amberjem

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    and yummy ya went with the rice well...apparently I have no choose but to marry @Sharps Big 50 last nights dinner inspired another marriage proposal and then a ultimatum lol

    as to going thru the processing... I grew up with this and have had food/pets before............I absolutely give the animal the respect it deserves .. I enjoyed every single bite of the dinner....that chicken had the best darn life I could give him, sheesh it was fed prime rib and other goodies every single day...he got to run around and had a good life as a chicken, and provided my family with a most excellent meal...I gave thanks and paid my respects......I dont feel bad about the outcome this is what his life was raised for.....

    on a side note.. I didnt need to soak in brine or milk or any of that he was extremely tender and delicious...infact he was extremely tender and had a great flavor......I had forgotten how much difference the meat can be from store bought

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