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    Jan 26, 2014
    after cutting off the breaker, use a raw potato to get the filiment and threaded part out of the socket. Just press the potato into the threaded part and turn.
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    YEAH! hatch is over,

    2 out of 2 leghorns

    4 out of 6 olive eggs, the 2 that didn't hatch were clear

    out of 23 Marans eggs 14 Marans hatched... 4 were clear, 4 were dead in shell, 1 died after fluffing up. The 4 dead in shell, and the one that died shortly after hatch were all from very dirty eggs...

    I wanted to experiment, and see if it really made that big of a difference. [​IMG]
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    Mar 31, 2014
    No, I haven't heard back. They have been calling my reference people though. It's aggravating to say the least. I am getting my hair cut tonight. Much shorter than I've had it in YEARS. I have only had my hair trimmed for at least the past 9 years. No real hair style changes. I figure if I get the job there, great! If not, I'm getting better prepared for my next interview elsewhere! This week I work a split shift on Sunday with a 5 hr gap between the shifts. So, that day I will drive back and forth from home to work. 25 miles each way. 100 mile day. Same with next Sunday. And that Sunday will be the 1st day of my 8 day stretch. They are really abusing the employees and making us all miserable.

    Congrats on the new chicks @Alaskan . I always wondered about the dirty egg theory also. Glad you experimented so I don't have to.
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    [​IMG] pictures pictures we need pictures! [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2014
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    Raw potatoes worked good at 2am last night. I woke up and couldn't open my eyes, felt like I had sand and salt packed in them. Stumbled and fumbled downstairs blind, had to have the wife help flush whatever I got in them out with saline. Didn't help. Then I remembered I had trouble welding the pully brackets back on the snowblower on my lawntractor, ended up tack welding them in place without the helmet shield, then ran a bead with the welder with the face shield on. I was fine yesterday. The wife Googled it, yup, they say it's like a sunburn on the surface of your eyes, most people don't notice it till their sleeping. One guy said he shredded potatoes and packed them on his eyes and was better in a couple of days. Another says potatoes are stupid the only relief you get is the drops at the ER. I says LETS GO THEN I'M DYING HERE! I was shaking in pain! She says shut up I'm reading, good thing men don't have babies.
    Most of them say use potatoes, WHAT THE HELL ARE POTATOES GOING TO DO?!! I get shutup again, this guy says he is a lifetime welder and a trip to the ER is a waste of time, they only put the drops in for the exam, you can't use them because your eyes won't heal and it causes ulcers on you eyes he was told. He says he doesn't know why it works but it does, halve a potato and put over each eye. So that's what we did. She woke me up four hours later, so I could call work, took a minute to get my eyes open, no more sand and salt burn! still doesn't feel 100% but I'm at work! I thought I was going to lose $500 in overtime this weekend and the wife would have to get all the firewood for a couple days in below zero weather. Potatoes are awesome!!
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    Congrats on chickies, Al.

    Beer, serious stuff with eye injuries, always wear protective gear. Having a ophthalmologist take a look might not be a bad idea either...

    I'm confused about the potatoes.

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