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    Hello, I hope and pray you get the job.
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    I'm confused also, but it worked. So I looked up why.
    All sorts of home remedies call for it, welding forums, and this actual doctors first aid site said; "When treating flash burn or welder’s arc, raw potato is a recommended choice. Raw potato possesses healing properties that can relieve pains and reduce the swelling caused by the burn." They recommended peeling the potato, grating it and pack it in wet washcloths to put on eyes and let the nutrients soak into eyes. Crazy! They said you can get it from the sun, a tanning bed, and certain lights also.
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    whew moved about 20 cubic dirt and added anothr layer to the new raised beds they are starting to come together should be ready for planting soon
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    ohh got some blueberry bushes and some heather for the slope
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    Bc: I have had flash burn several times. I was a millwright before becoming a production welder. I have had bad bad flash burns. I would alternate potatos with cucumber slices.
    But yea its painful
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    pls becareful @Beer can and take care of yourself... @Outpost JWB gosh they are dragging it out I am not even the one and am soo anxious for you to hear back!... whats new with you @NotAFarm ? @RavynFallen well was missing you... and I thought the eggs were exactly how you like them..... @hennible wanna come help me garden? :p @Alaskan where ohh where are those adorable chick pictures lol sounds like you had a decent hatch.. @Peep_Show how are your eggs doing? That reminds me @RavynFallen how are your eggs you got? Hows the blackberry disposal @JulesChicks ?
    @Bogtown Chick whats your prefered chicken breed? @bamadude are you behaving? is @idiotswife keeping you inline? :p @Double Kindness where do you get your roosters decrowed at? and who locked @JW12 in the closet he is awefully quiet! @perchie.girl how are you today? @BriardChickens how are things going ?
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    those photos were LOVELY and very SPRING!


    my favorite is:


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