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    Nov 5, 2012
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    what do you plant to help attract pollinators in your area?
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    May 12, 2010
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    sorry, thats really crud when that happens
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    got nother double yoker today from dotty..been consistently getting two eggs a day now :) also I suspect violet is thinking about becoming broody
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    I let my greens go to flower and they attract more pollinators you could imagine. Lettuce flowers, radish flowers, soup celery flowers....
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    Nov 5, 2009
    Jem, I know you said this wasn't yours, but whoever it belongs has great craftsmanship skills!
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    what do you mean by 'something wrong with them"? Do they not look healthy?

    Two of my chicks from Cackle last year got crooked backs.... I though that was pretty disappointing.

    Which pollinators?

    And, mostly, anything that makes pollen. Not kidding.

    For example "florist" sunflowers have no pollen at all, but the sunflowers for seeds have lots of pollen and bees etc. love them. So, always check that the specific plant that you are buying will have pollen.

    Up here the bees love dandilions, the first flower of spring.

    Down in Texas the best plants for bees were verbena, and all of the Salvias. I had a heritage rose that the bees loved. Also native plants in general are good choices.

    Hummingbirds like Salvia too, and adored the Mimosa trees.

    For butterflies it depends on which butterflies you want... they loved the verbena for nectar, also milkweed and dill and fennel.
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    [​IMG] lovely!
  9. Yep, big and beautiful girls

    My original order was supposed to be from there, (TSC) but they never answered their phone so we went with someone else. Very inconsistent at that place.

    That explains why my front walk in TX was always busy with bees. No where else on the property was an issue. We started using the garage so as not to disturb them among the Salvias.
  10. Amberjem

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    I have some salvia I over witnered in the greenhouse hadnt figured out where I wanna put it yet..........a friend got a buncha organic dill that was marked for contumption had the roots and everything attached so I planted it lol... I havent figured out where I want to put the fennel yet............ it's sucha unfriendly plant to many other plants......

    I have a couple rose bushes I propagated last year that were from a plant that was planted by a friend of mines great grandmother... I wonder if that would be a heritage

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