Do 6 mo pullets go broody?

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    My son said to me last night that Pokey, one of our bantam pullets, bit him last night when he went to make sure they were all in before closing their doors. I thought that was a little strange, but didn't think much of it. She's normally super sweet and docile. She squats for him to pick her up normally. Then today, I just went to gather eggs. She was in there sitting on the eggs and bit me when I reached in! Ouch! So I tried to pet her, b/c she really is one of the pets of our flock, and I couldn't believe her. She puffed way up, made horrible Jurassic Park noises, and attacked me! As soon as I backed of, she settled back down on the eggs and just hissed every time I moved. This is her a few min go, taken with my phone.

    So if she is broody, is she too young to give some chicks to? I have been hatching the past week. I have over 30 chicks right now with 5 more (including one of hers!) due to hatch this weekend. They are all bantam eggs. Is she too young to trust to be a good mom? I have a few more days to make sure she is really broody before they hatch. Just wondering... Thanks!
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    She certainly CAN be; my first broody was barely six months old, had been laying only two weeks when she went broody.

    If she stays on the nest at least two nights (exhibiting all those protective traits you mentioned), that is, does not leave the nest to roost at night, she meets MY criteria for being broody!

    But you can't really tell if she'll stay on the nest for duration, or be a good mom, until you let her try. Unfortunately, we find out a pullet or hen isn't a stay-er or a good mom until she doesn't do well at it. So, have an incubator ready as a back-up, and a brooder, if she flakes out partway through her first experience od motherhood.

    Good luck!
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    Yes 6 mo olds can go broody - bantams especially. That photo shows a broody with all the requisite attitude. [​IMG]
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    Jun 19, 2011
    We have an old english hen that went broody for the first time and after a week broke and never went back to the nest. A month later went broody again but this time stuck it out and hatched 8 chicks out of 8 eggs. She turned out too be a very good mother After a skunk got into our banty coop and killed half her chicks in the nest she taught her chicks how too roost in the rafters way before she would have normally taught them. So even if they dont stick it out this time don't give up on her.
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    Aug 11, 2011
    I have two hens that have gone broody and they are only like 6 mo as well one is a salmon faveral and the other is a bantam cochen. it was funny I had wormed them and did not collect the eggs for three days and when I went to get them there were the girls the salmon faveral almost took off a finger when I tried to move and take her eggs. the cochen just cried and looked at me like or no please dont take them. I worked hard last night getting some cages cleaned and set with nests and moved there eggs becuse other hens were trying to take over the nests. well the cochen went right back to setting but the favorel gave me what for squacking and such and she would not set. today I let her out and she went back to her empty nest in the corner right by where her cage nest was by the way and she gave me the stink eye like ok you better give me back my eggs lady. I gave her back her eggs but I wonder if they will hatch one becuse they got cold and two becuse they were layed when I had given them wormer do you think they will hatch. I think I may name that faverel stink eye. I hope each girl get at least a baby or two. it would of all been funny but I had to put down a chicken last night so I am still sad about that or I would of tried to get it on tape.

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