Do roosters develop faster than hens? Pics...


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Just curious about this. These are supposed to all be female. Buff Orpingtons. They're 2 1/2 weeks old (born May 14). I worry there are cones developing already!! Ack! WDYT?

The biggest one. They marked her head for some reason which makes me extra suspicious.

Size difference between the big one and the small one we're actually kind of worried about (lethargic, not as active as the rest of the chicks, TINY and almost the same size as when we got her, etc)

Biggest one again.

Another big one.

Other big one.

Little one. We're worried about her

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The Buff Orpingtons I have had, the males didn't seem to develop faster. If anything, their feathers were more, I don't know, patchy & underdeveloped than the females? Eventually I could kind of tell by stance difference, with the males standing more upright, but it wasn't really a body size thing.

I agree that the red dot is suspicious & that one looks like it has a little more comb than the others. Also, what's that in the bottom of the last pic? It doesn't look like a Buff.
for the little one, heat up some feed with water or yogurt and make sure she eats, put vitamins and electrolytes in the water
my 2 1/2 week olds have combs starting too, don't worry about it till later
I have some monsterous BO's who I suspected were males bc they were so tall as chicks, but they are just really big girls LOL.

They look girly to me, and very pretty!
Was that one your packing peanut? Maybe that is why the head is marked. What color are the legs? The one photo where I can kinda see them they don't appear to be white, they appear a more dark yellow; and buff orpingtons have white legs.
Their legs are orange. Hmm. I was told they're Buff Orpingtons but maybe not? Maybe a mix or something? What would be your guess?
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Good call, a buff rock would make more sense. The others could still be buff orpingtons, being as they look different from the rock. Maybe the hatchery substituted a buff rock for a buff orpington because they ran out of pullets and your shipment was ready? IDK, just a guess.
My Buff Orpington Maisie looked just like that at that age. She had very yellow/orange legs and they turned white as she got full grown.

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