Do silkies roost?


14 Years
Jul 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
All my other 6 wk old bantams are roosting with gusto while this little silkie sleeps on the floor. Is she strange, or is this typical for silkies? Last night I tried to teach her to roost. She's extremely shy and not into being handled anyway, so my lesson did not go well. When I finally gave up, she ran straight to my only cockerel, and hid behind him. He pulled himself up to full height and told me off! It was so great! Then he pecked possesively at her head. Maybe he can teach her to roost.
My mom's silkies walk up a ramp to get onto the roost at night. I think they naturally want to be close to the other chickens. I sit my little on the roost every night because, if I don't, she gets right under the others to sleep and gets pooped on .
Most silkies do not roost, they prefer to sleep in piles. Sometimes they can even smother eachother in the piles. Most silkies have a hard time getting up on the roost, so instead they sleep under it.
I keep a hay bale in the coop for mine, a couple sleep on it, the others tucked behind it (for security, I think). Mine will not roost with the other birds, no way, no how. But, it's hard to keep an Evil image, and play nice with the other birds. LOL.
I have some roosts in my pens, they are 3 ft high. They still prefer to pile up in the corner of the pen. Every now and then, some will perch. Little silkie chicks lay on top of each other.
I saw her roosting with the others yesterday, but just for a little while. I think she's more comfy on the floor, but then she's lonely. She has a particular buddy (the quirky little barred rock bantam) who she's been tight with from day 1, and she was roosting next to her. I doubt if the little barred rock (Little Stardust) will join her on the floor.

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