Do the boys know who the girls are?


12 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
I just got a little silkie. 5 weeks old, I believe. We think he's a roo...BUT today I took him outside to see the grown up silkies. I sat right there with them the whole time, cause he is a little guy. Every time one of the roo's came close he did the 'roo dance'. Ya know....that wing down, foot shuffle thing they do before they try to mate a girl. I was just they know something I don't know?
*I* think the roo is doing the dance for YOU, not the chick.

But, for the most part, weren't YOU able t tell if a little kid was a boy or a girl? Chickens can probably tell. (Just my SWAG.)
That's what I was thinking! They can probably tell.....which is sorta disappointing because they never do the dance around my sizzle who I was sure was a girl I thought it was because she was only 3 months old and not 'ready' for that stuff yet. Now I'm not so sure!

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