Do y'all have ideas on how to build nestbox where the eggs roll out?


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Jan 16, 2011
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On my tractor set-up I am building the coop portion about 2 feet off the ground. This is so the birds can get a little extra shade during our horrible summers, and to help as a counter-weight when moving to greener pastures. The nextboxes will be a little high off the ground. My wife is very small (and beautiful) and will have trouble seeing into the top of the nestboxes to retrieve eggs. It would also be wonderful for the grand-children to be able to collect eggs.

Thus, the need for those nestboxes I read about where the chicken lays the egg and, the egg rolls out into an area easily accessed by short people. Does this set-up mean that hay-n-stuff cannot be used?

Plans would be great. Pics good. Or, a good description even. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
There's a whole thread on REAR roll away nest boxes, which is what I think you'd need for a tractor. Perhaps you can study the pictures and descriptions in the thread to get some ideas of how to build one.

Also, any roll away nest needs to use either that non-skid, non-adhesive shelf liner (I think I've seen one member saying that is used) or specialized nest pads, purchased at various places online, such as FarmTek or Cutler's Supply .... They are gray plastic with "directionalized" mesh that assists in rolling the eggs out. "Hay-n-stuff" will not allow the eggs to roll after the hen lays 'em.

Good luck!

I built a rear rollaway nest box onto my coop from Opa's design for a "two seater."
That is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you gryeyes for puttin me smack-on what I needed! Anyone out there collecting eggs from outside, this is the grits.

As the egg rolls to the back of the ramp, it stops at a padded piece of insulation. The very back is a board that is screwed on. I will use a hinge-n-magnet so that we can lower this board behind the nests to make it easier yet for the little'uns. This will require me to buy a couple of hinges and magnets for each row of nests. It's worth the extra.

I will also add a hinged cover to prevent any critters from getting to the eggs and, also to prevent any critters from using this as an entry-point.
Hey buddy - it's good to hear from a Chalmation. I used to live in Meraux and worked at the Folgers plant in Michaud. We left the area after the storm and bought a small farm on the border of Ohio and Indiana.
Hey Doopy

When my sons decided to stay here in "God's Little Acre", That sealed it for me. Wherever these kids are, you'll find ole Paw Paw! When I recover from this leg issue, I'm gonna build an incubator, buy some chickens-n-eggs and get a puppy (a Jadg).

You would not believe this place. There are twice as many empty lots as there are houses. When you go anywhere, it is obvious that people have not recovered. Our people are still suffering. They had all of their hope in their stuff.

From day one, we had our eyes fixed heavenward. And, our Lord has provided for us in abundance!

It is always a very special surprise whenever I hear from one of our own! It is actually an emotional thing for me. Having 13 feet of slop in your house must change things for those of us who survived it, uh?

Doopy, I hope God provides you with a cup that's full, pressed down, shaken together and running over!

the border of Ohio and Indiana

Did y'all need to go so far away?​
We have been back several times since '05. So sad. We came up here to be near the grand children. DW was so happy to get here she could have slapped her mama.
In case you others are wondering, that's NOLA talk.

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