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Jan 14, 2009
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That has a section for looking for lost relatives? I have a client who has three parcels of ground his MIL deeded to him and his wife (her daughter) and now some heirs have shown up on the title seach and no one has a clue where or who they are. I had the brilliant idea of putting an ad in (after the lawyer told him he is looking at $10,000 in fees for them to research it!) and seeing if anyone might know them. I could kick myself, because i had a country magazine from Xmas that my sister gave me, and someone in there wanted to know about egg silica in that looking for someone/something section and I accidently threw it away .. . .anyway, if anyone has that magazine or one like it, please PM me the address to send the inquiries too. We are also thinking about too.

had a lost cousin find me this way, I did up just a basic family tree for the baby book when we had our sons. About 2 months later I get an odd phone call "this is your 3rd cousin Graham calling from England, Is your grandmother's middle name Louise?" Seems all my cousin knew (his father died when he was 2 and I was 3) was that his granny's name was Saddina, and that was odd with the last name. After 21 years of being an orphin (he grew up in fostercare) he had a family of 40.
We've found relatives through searches. It seems
My great grandmother's last name was Saxton.
I'm guessing through misspelling some of her
heirs became Sexton.

My mother is a Byars but, some of her brothers
became Byers because of misspellings again on
birth certificates. is very interesting for that.
The misspelling of names in this country are extremely common. The officials checking in immigrants at Staten Island had a difficult time translating last names due to the very heavy accents.

That's how my family name was permanently, changed when my great grandparents came from Ireland in the late 1800's. Just in my small circle of friends I know 3 families that happened to.

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