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  1. My chicks are 7-5 weeks. I've been feeding the Purina starter/grower ( goes to 18/20 (POL) weeks. I'd rather switch them to non-medicated (Dumor). What I can find for this brand is either the chick grower (to 10 weeks) or the finisher (10 to 18 weeks;

    , my questions are: do these ages for the Dumor brand really matter before they start laying?

    Can I feed them all the finisher even though they aren't the recommended ages?

    Any problems with switching from medicated to non?

    Will their poo really stink MORE switching to this brand? [​IMG]

    I assume there is no issue with mixing feed if I wanted to down the road? [​IMG]

    Tikki [​IMG]
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    Many posters here keep their chicks on starter until egg production, so I'm following thier advice. The man at the feed store said the same thing. Hope that helps?
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    I use dumor can't really say their poo smells any worse after all none of it smells good. I started with the 24 % chick starter then down to the 20 % now they are on the finisher grower which is a 16 % protein.I did not use any medicated feed.But my birds have grown wonderfully.Their feathers are bright & shiny, they have also free ranged since 3 weeks as well. Most feeds are 16 % so I really don't see a problem.This is also how I will be doing my 2nd batch coming in a few days.I have been really lucky as I really haven't had any real problems alot of other people have had on here.One thing I do know is when these chicks arrive & I have no problems with them I will maintain a closed flock,to prevent some problems I have read about.Hope this helps.I had gotten 4 chicks from an npip person did not know at that time about quarintine procedure they had been on a 16 % feed they had been doing fine on it but really blossomed on the 20 % til the the switch. ( I got really lucky none got sick I suppose ). Some of this is a matter of personal preference.Find what will work for you & your chicks.
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    I don't think it matters that much. I've fed growing birds layer feed before in a pinch. It's all pretty similar stuff. I have a theory that its all kind of a gimmick--especially if your birds are free range or similar such tiny differences in the numbers don't really matter that much. I know others might feel differently, but that's my opinion, based on my experience. I can't speak to the medicated vs. non-medicated feed question--I only ever use organic non-medicated feed (and I might add, never have disease problems)...
  5. Quote:The guy at my feed store (not TSC) told me to put them on Layena, and that was after I told him they were 7-5 weeks old.... I went with the starter/grower (which says on the bag goes to 18/20 weeks) again. I figure after they finish this bag, I can mix in the Dumor and see how it goes....
  6. Quote:We started with medicated because that was the only kind of food the feed store where I got my chicks (chicks were "free" with x amount of food) had. I would have gotten them from TSC, but they were only getting in meaties and straight run.

    I have heard that Dumor is TSC's brand via Purina Mills, but don't haven't checked that. I agree with seeing how they do and going from there. [​IMG]
  7. Quote:I'd grow my own feed if I could...... probably not a whole lot of difference, I agree. [​IMG]

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