Does this 7-week old comb speak to you? PHOTO


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Feb 5, 2010
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I am an entire week behind my chickens ages. I thought they turned 6 weeks but they are actually starting their 7th week of life. I need to get with the times.

This is a photograph of "Downey". My husband thinks since "she" has some pink & the comb is pulled away some that she may be a rooster. I have 4 other chicks with the same kind of nose/comb and the for-sure hens do not look like this. Their's is all connected & thins as it goes to the top of the head, without a speck of pink. Is it this kind of comb that seperates the boys from the girls?

Is that a Light Brahma or an Easter Egger?

If it is an Easter Egger - it is a boy, regardless of that comb. Although the comb does point to a boy, too.

If it is a Brahma - Hard to say, combs don't always mean boy or girl. Show the rest of the bird. It could be either right now.

Edit: Nevermind, saw your sig. . . I'd say show the body too.
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Light Brahma & here is Downey in full form .... sorta .... he wouldn't stop moving. He loves under his beak rubbed & that's all he was trying for each time he saw my hand. Spoiled thing.

I can't tell ya either. Combs don't always mean boy or girl. I have an adult Brahma hen and she's got a big comb for a hen. Its too hard to tell by the saddle and/or hackle feathers at this time, I think you'll have to wait a little longer.

I have five OEGB chicks and I have four that look alike and one that looks different. I think the one odd-ball is the only hen I've got! I think the rest are all roosters!
EEK ... sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will turn out better then you think.

From what I can tell & all I've learned from the boards, mine are all hens. They told me it was a straight run but I'm thinking someone placed an all hen order. Now I see a photograph in another thread about a BR with a very developed comb at 2 weeks & everyone is saying roo. I bought 4 BR's & though this little one is only 4 days old, he has a very developed comb compared to the other ones. I wouldn't mind if he turned out to be a roo. At this point, with all these (possible) gals ... I may need one.
I think it is a safe bet that you got a lot of hens. Our light brahmas were also hard to sex, even at an age older than this. I could swear some were going to be roosters, as their tails would curl, their feet were huge, etc. But - They ended up being 100% pullets. The roos usually have much less black on them for one thing.

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