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Jul 23, 2021
How do I train my German shepherd to stop freaking out every 5 minutes on my farm animals? I have 3 breeds of quail, doves, hens, rabbits, fish and more to come soon! They're all safe from being attacked but he freaks them out chasing them around their pens (except the fish he's scared of water) I killed a quail on accident because of him, I know a swift kick would do the trick lol but I'd prefer not give him a whooping every 5 minutes haha 😅


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When you take him outside keep him on a leash. Bring a high value treat (boiled chicken works well).
Start a ways from the animals, and have him do a simple truck such as "sit". Reward heavily. You want his attention on you, and only you.
Go a bit closer to aninals as long as hea focused on you. If he starts to tug to lunge at the animals say "no", and go back and start again.
Its important that you take baby steps with him. And whenever he does what you want reward with lots of positive reinforcement.

You may have to put the animals up the first time of he is too distracted.

Also, this is somewhat unrelated, but what breeds of rabbits do you have? (I'm bunny obsessed:))

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